aXe Graz

Seppi. The child who didn’t stop growing.

In cooperation with the artists of aXe Graz, Fiston Mwanza Mujila, Patrick Dunst and young refugees, La Strada brings opera to the streets, right in the middle of a residential area. It tells of a society tending to ever more alienation and over-saturated with consumption. An interactive work of street performance that can be expected to move the audience in more ways than one.

A La Strada-coproduction with the international streetart-network IN SITU.

Theodor-Körner-Str. 113 - 115: 28/7, 29/7 / 9 pm
entry from 8.30 pm
Length: 50‘
Recommended from age 10
€ 12 Regular Price / € 8 Reduced Price
Barrier-free access:
€ 10 Wheelchair users / € 5 accompanying persons
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© Lisa Horvath
© Lisa Horvath


Fiston Mwanza: Writer / Librettist

Verena Kiegerl: Production Director

Lisa Horvath: Stage Designer

Patrick Dunst: Artistic director, Composer, Musician

Simon Frick: Musician, Violin

Grilli Pollheimer: Musician, Percussions

Sasa Mutic: Musician, Piano

Yasuyo Asano: Singer, Soprano

Mario Lerchenberger: Singer, Tenor

Peter Ulrich: Production management

in cooperation with 5 unaccompanied, young refugees.