Cia. Vero Cendoya (ES)

La Partida

Five dancers, five football players, one referee and a game with some rules of its own. The artists of Compania Vero Cendoya don’t need anything else to develop an award- winning project. Because, following the World Championships, it isn’t all over yet. Having won numerous awards, “La Partida” is coming to Graz and maybe, just maybe, it will be possible to inspire the odd “football hater’s” interest in the game. Because, in the end, dance and sports are not so far apart. A powerful mix of body art, music, humour and unexpected choreographies.

Concordia / Ragnitz sports ground (Ragnitzstrasse 58): 3/8, 4/8 / 7 pm
Length: 55‘
for the whole family
Free entry!

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This project is part of the Architektursommer Graz

© Martí E. Berenguer
© Martí E. Berenguer
© Martí E. Berenguer

Production Manager
Estefania Benages Mas
Artistic assistant
Ignacio Cárcaba
Linn Mirja Johansson
Natalia Andrea D'Annuzio
Eulàlia Santanach Granel
Laura Alcalá Freudenthal
Christina Halford
Football player
Gastón César La Torre
Adrián Nieto Sánchez
Enric Auquer Sardà
Baboucarr Mbye Cham
Reinaldo David Pérez Zerpa
Jonathan López Garcia
Maria Adele Madau
In collaboration with HaydeTanz