Cie Onyrikon & Samson Ogiamien (CH/FR/AT)

Iyagbon Below (tryout)

What do the local “Krampus” figure, Nigerian Edo masks and Sri Lankan devil’s dances have in common? Magical thinking, myths and folk wisdom, blended with the power of nature and people’s need to wonder. The French physical and mask theatre troup Onyrikon and Graz-resident Nigerian artist Samson Ogiamien celebrate these “rituals” in their music and dance performance. The audience is spirited away on a dream journey between beauty and horror: close encounters with masks, spirits and dwarves are possible.


Being in residence during La Strada, the artists are working on this co-production, which will be premiered in 2019. On Friday August 3rd, members of the public have the opportunity to take part in a public rehearsal exercise. For this you can obtain numbered tickets at Graz Tourismus and at the ticket centre. The starting point will be stated on the numbered tickets.

© Augustin Legall
© Augustin Legall
© Indiara Di Benedetto

In Cooperation with youths from different cultural backgrounds as well as the Edo Cultural Art Forum
with the friendly assistance of ISOP GmbH.
Teachers and coordinator: Katrin Jentl und Waltraud Stocker, teachers in ISOP
Heidelinde Hutter, coordinator Dobl.
Youth group:
Bahar MARUF, Mojtaba KHANI, Nasratullah KHANI, Wais SEDEKI, Reza HAIDARI,
Hafizolah MIRZAI, Murtaza JAFARI, Ismahil NAHIMI, Anwar SAIDI, Morteza SADEGHI, Osman Samiullah, Parisa Sayedi, Sahar Saedi, Samuel Ndidi.