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Vienna, Graz and Adelaide are the main stations in the life of Austrian artist Cynthia Schwertsik, who returns to the river Mur this summer with her centrifuge. And she will be doing what she has already done all over the world; measuring the city. In a metal frame with rounded edges, the trained dancer rolls through the streets exploring the public space and, in the tradition of New York-based performance artist Laurie Anderson, it will be provocative and certainly not go unnoticed.

Augarten: 28/7 / 5 pm / Length: 45‘
Volksgarten: 29/7 / 6 pm / Length: 45‘

Also: tour through the city centre. Times and locations of performances announced in advance by push-message on the La Strada and Kleine Zeitung app.

for the whole family
Mobile theatre
Free entry!
This project is part of the Architektursommer Graz

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