Eléctrico 28 (ES/AT)

Full House

The story of Miss Koala, Mister Dog and Mrs Horse is staged where life is actually happening: in the backyards of the city. This modern tale for both children and grown-ups deals with living together in urban space, including all the challenges that come with overcoming being different. Because Miss Koala would love to love everybody, Mr. Dog mainly wants his peace and Mrs. Horse is brimming with energy.

In co-operation with Akademie Graz and Caritas Steiermark as part of project ZUKUNFT SÄEN – seeds for the future – 800 years of Graz-Seckau diocese.


Interior courtyard of the Marianum social centre of Caritas: 28/7, 29/7, 30/7 / 11 am

Length: 50‘
Recommended for ages 0 to 100
Free entry!

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© Nikola Milatovic
© Nikola Milatovic
© Nikola Milatovic

Production management: Ana Redi-Milatovic
Dramaturgy: Eléctrico 28
Performers: Sergi Estebanell, Josep Cosials Montolío, Ana Redi-Milatovic, Alina Stockinger
Outside Eye, Technique: Daniela Poch Paz
Music & Sound: Siruan Darbandi
Stage Designer: resanita & dageko.gmbh
Costume: resanita & Eléctrico 28
Mask: Ivana Kovalcik
Idea: dahir & Ana Redi-Milatovic
Production: dahir 
With the support from: Theaterland Steiermark