Familie Flöz (DE)

Dr Nest

Quite self-assured, Dr Nest takes on his new position at a remote mental home. Driven by curiosity, a thirst for knowledge and empathy, he plunges into the bizarre worlds of the residents. Full of depth, lost memories, split personalities, demons and delusions, they drive Dr Nest to his limits. With their impressive and demanding body and mask theatre, Familie Flöz offers a narrative about the both tragic and comical fragility of people’s lives.

Opera Graz: 29/7, 30/7 / 8 pm
Length: 80‘ (without break)
for the whole family / Recommended from age 12
Category 1: € 54 Regular Price / € 48 Reduced Price
Category 2: € 47 Regular Price / € 42 Reduced Price
Category 3: € 41 Regular Price / € 37 Reduced Price
Family package: Our special family package is available at all advance ticket sales points but cannot be booked online.
Barrier-free access:
€ 17 Wheelchair users / € 12 accompanying persons
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© Valeria Tomasulo
© Valeria Tomasulo

A production from Familie Flöz, Theaterhaus Stuttgart, Theater Duisburg
from: Fabian Baumgarten, Anna Kistel, Björn Leese, Benjamin Reber, Hajo Schüler,
Mats Suethoff, Michael Vogel
With: Fabian Baumgarten, Anna Kistel, Björn Leese, Benjamin Reber, Mats Suethoff,
Direction: Hajo Schüler

Co-Direction: Michael Vogel

Masks: Hajo Schüler

Music: Fabian Kalbitzer

Stage: Rotes Pferd (Christian Eckelmann, Felix Nolze)
Costumes: Mascha Schubert

Sound Design: Dirk Schröder

Light design: Reinhard Hubert

Production management: Gianni Bettucci

Production: Julia Danila, Dorén Grafendorf