Compagnie Baro d’evel (FR/ES)


Finally it is here. One of the most fascinating productions of nouveau cirque that is currently showing worldwide is coming to Graz. Artists of the French-Catalan Compagnie Baro d‘evel will be opening doors to a different world, going beyond limits and guiding the audience to see what is essential. The work “Bestias”, which was coproduced by La Strada, is an artful play of human and animal bodies, together narrating stories about control and devotion, equilibrium and disturbance, perfectionism and imperfection. A surreal, poetic journey into the unknown.

A coproduction with La Strada Graz.

Tent in Augarten:
29/7, 30/7, 1/8, 2/8, 4/8, 5/8 / 8 pm
Length: 100‘ (without break)
for the whole family / Recommended from age 7
€ 38 Regular Price / € 32 Reduced Price (also for Spark7-Members)
Family package: Our special family package is available at all advance ticket sales points but cannot be booked online.
Barrier-free access:
€ 22 Wheelchair users / € 17 accompanying persons
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© Frédéric Jean
© Frédéric Jean


From :

Concept & artistic direction: Camille Decourtye et Blaï Mateu Trias

Artistic collaboration: Maria Muñoz et Pep Ramis/ Mal Pelo, Bonnefrite

Artists: Noëmie Bouissou, Camille Decourtye, Claire Lamothe, Taïs Mateu Decourtye, Blaï Mateu Trias, Julian Sicard, Marti Soler Gimbernat et Piero Steiner ; les chevaux Bonito et Shengo, The birds Gus, Zou, Farouche et Midinette

Work with animals: Camille Decourtye, Laurent Jacquin, Nadine Nay

Sound : Fanny Thollot

Music : Nicolas Lafourest, Fanny Thollot

Light : Adèle Grépinet

Costume : Céline Sathal

Technical direction : Nancy Drolet, Louis Cormerais

Construction : Laurent Jacquin, Sylvain Vassas-Cherel

Support : Aurélien Conil (electro-computer), Pau Valls (Organ builder), Tristan Plot (Fowler)

Touring : Marie Bataillon et Laurent Ballay

Production : Pierre Compayré et Celia Medan