Programme 2018

Arriving from eight nations, these are the artists who will perform in and with Graz for this year’s festival. Here they meet up with their local colleagues, together to permeate the city, explore limits, change perspectives and reflect on the themes of our time. Yet the principal actors in La Strada 2018 are the inhabitants of the city and it will only be through their active participation that the festival will become a one-off , unique experience.

The international networking activities and steady develop- ment of a Creation Center Graz have resulted in more co- productions at this year’s La Strada than ever before – six of them authored in this country.

The wonderful project Foreign Tongues by the Austrian dance troupe Liquid Loft, along with the street opera by aXe Graz, were developed with support from the international network IN SITU. The puppet theatre performance called The Paper Man, by the British Improbable group and one of the most exciting productions of New Circus, Bestias by Baro d’evel, are coproductions involving La Strada. When, at the close of the festival, French composer Pierre Sauvageot places his Grand Ensemble of musicians on the balconies of a residential block, the title will represent not only a great orchester but also a large residential complex and indeed a great get-together.

Werner Schrempf / Intendant
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