Programme 2017

La Strada is 20

NEWS: Here you will find the poetic portraits of ATSA – When Art takes Action!

No reason to put the feet up. Quite the contrary. The festival for street and puppet theatre, contemporary circus and community art looks to the future and, with commitment and passion, is dedicated to its objectives: to bring movement to the city, bring life to squares and streets, change perspectives and flip what is orderly upside down. To render visible that which is unusual in the everyday. To invite the city’s inhabitants not only as guests at, but also as participants in the festival.
The special anniversary also presents the opportunity to look back over two decades of festivals and indulge a little in reminiscences. Reminiscences about all those unexpected experiences, crazy stories, adorable characters and breathtaking moments. La Strada 2017 creates threads connecting the past to the here and now, reaching onward to what could still come about. Also an opportunity to join our audience, performers and the entire team in toasting the years past and future – at Open Dance there will be dancing, laughter, singing and partying beneath the stars for the entire duration of the festival. What a pleasure to see what was a small Open Stage of the early years now extending into a zone of encounter in Kaiserfeldgasse street. A zone in which every available space is taken, with the vibe finding resonance in the (dance) floor and people’s hearts. In 2017 and for the first time, this energy will also make itself felt in other, for now secret, parts of the city.
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