Machine de Cirque (CA)

Machine de Cirque

Five young men turn the stage into their very own playground of contemporary circus, with the audience invited to play along too. Attempting the impossible on wheels, musicians complete with instruments raised high by joy, a ukulele plays as the artists jump from one end of the springboard to the other and towels thrown through the air like juggling balls.
A spirited coming together of charismatic artists who are, above all, friends. They create an energy through sharing their joy in their professional game and pass it on to the audience.

Opera House Graz: 28.7, 29.7, 1.8, 2.8, 3.8, 4.8
8 pm / Lenght: 90' (without intermission) / Recommended from age 5
Category 1: €48,- Regular Price / €42,- Reduced Price
Category 2: €42,- Regular Price / €37,- Reduced Price
Category 3: €36,- Regular Price / €32,- Reduced Price
Familypackage: The package is available at all advance ticket sales. (not online bookable)
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© Loup-William Théberge
© Loup-William Théberge
© Loup-William Théberge
© Loup-William Théberge



Machine de Cirque benefits from the financial support of the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec, the principal public partner, and the Entente de développement culturel intervenue entre le ministère de la Culture et des Communications et la Ville de Québec.