Objectives and developments

Striving for paths to communication within Europe that function outside language, borders and cultural bounds, was within the remit of politics before art joined in. Because theatre, and particularly theatre in the street, had always tended to be comprehensible to all, independently of language, country or status, one can now see how, on a political level, there is still discussion of the failed vision of European multiculturality whilst, in the world of art, in networks like IN SITU, practised transculturality has long been the order of the day.

Questions of co-existence and cooperation, of migration and integration, are all handled with great intensity and intellectual rigour on the performance level. Here it is not about clear artistic statements but rather the illustration of the long-since complete permeation and interweaving of cultures and cultural expression in Europe.

La Strada is the only festival in Austria that collaborates with artists of international renown who seek new forms of expression outside established theatre and have already enchanted audiences perhaps a thousand times. The festival helps innovative productions and Austrian artists to establish themselves in the pan-European festival marketplace.
It is our goal and vision never to lose sight of all these aspects over the coming years – on the contrary, always to keep them in sight as the focus of programme composition and to continue to work on this beautiful interplay between the city, artists and audiences.

Werner Schrempf | La Strada Festival Director

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