Nota Bene & Eddie Luis (AT)

> Moving Chairs

This is nothing for those who like to stick in chairs, even if chairs are the protagonists in Eddie Luis’ “Moving Chairs”. Because here, everybody is walking, lying down, standing upright and singing, with the chairs in constant movement; people are sitting on seats, people are sitting on chairs, and small chairs in love practice an uprising. Besides, the almost 45-strong choir Nota Bene redefines choral sitting – and the Graz multi-instrumentalist, conductor, singer, arranger and composer, with his songs, choral speaking and spoken text, makes sure that nobody will sit still for too long.

A co-production of La Strada Graz.


Dates in Weiz
Tuesday 05/08, 6pm, Starting point: Kunsthaus-Passage, Weiz


Dates in Graz
Thursday 07/08 till Saturday 09/08 in each case at 11am & 5pm, Tummelplatz


Length: 40 min.
Free entry | Open air
Without age limit


Getting Here by Public Transport
Stop: Tummelplatz; Bus line no. 30