Adrian Schvarzstein & Jurate Sirvyte Rukstele (ES/LT)


When Spanish artist Adrian Schvarzstein and Lithuanian dancer Jurate Sirvyte Rukstele arrive in Graz this summer, they will ask more than just “Where am I and where do I go?” They come from the past and Klezmer music gives an idea about why they once had to leave In Arrived, Schvarzstein deals with his Jewish origins in a touching, non-verbal way, inviting his audience to accompany him on this not always easy journey.    

Starting point at Hauptplatz Weiz: 30/7. / 6 pm
Starting point at Hauptplatz Stainz: 31/7 / 6 pm

1/8 / 11 am
2/8 / 16 pm

Starting points in Graz will be announced in advance via push-message on the La Strada app

Length: 40‘
For the whole family
In Motion
Free entry!

© Adrian Schvarstein
© Adrian Schvarstein
© Dainius