WLDN / Joanne Leighton (FR/AT)

Made in Graz

99 Together with Joanne Leighton, 99 people from Graz will draw a moving portrait of their city as part of this com- munity art project in the Stadtpark. With Made in Graz, the Belgian-Australian dancer and choreographer is creating a project with and for all generations, like in the more than 40 other cities where she has already realised this chore- ography. The performance draws life from the combination of separate individuals in a constant metamorphosis; the common movements are reminiscent of rivers, waterfalls, rocks and landscapes.

Tickets and information
Stadtpark (Passamtswiese): 3/8 / 4.30 pm & 7 pm
Length: 40‘

Free entry!

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For this performance we are looking for 99 people from Graz that share a passion for motion and dance, for further information please click here.

© Simon Carnovole