Christian Muthspiel & Orjazztra Vienna (AT)

Human Music Machine for Graz

With the founding of the 18-member Orjazztra Vienna, Christian Muthspiel fulfilled the dream of his own jazz orchestra, which he had dreamed of since leaving the Vienna Art Orchestra in 2004. For the "2nd movement" of the La Strada festival, Muthspiel developed a unique human music machine, a perpetual motion machine of sounds for large rooms or places with the most varied architecture possible, in terms of levels, entrances and exits, balconies, staircases, elevators, etc. The moving, sounding parts of this mechanism are the musicians of the ORJAZZTRA VIENNA, who, according to a precise musical score and spatial choreography, play this place/space and thus occupy it artistically, as it were.

"As if controlled by magic and without any electronic help, the large apparatus does not sound random and isolated, but as an audibly structured, coordinated and dramaturgically exciting space music piece.“

Christian Muthspiel

Christian Muthspiel & ORJAZZTRA VIENNA

Lisa Hofmaninger – soprano saxophone
Astrid Wiesinger – alto saxophone
Ilse Riedler, Robert Unterköfler – tenor saxophone
Gerald Preinfalk – bass clarinet
Florian Bauer – baritone saxophone
Gerhard Ornig, Dominik Fuss – trumpet
Lorenz Raab – flugelhorn
Alois Eberl, Daniel "Holzleitn" trombone
Christina Baumfried - bass trombone
Beate Wiesinger, Judith Ferstl – bass
Niki Dolp, Marton Juhasz – drums

Christian Muthspiel – composition, lead

© Lukas Beck