Cie Onyrikon & Samson Ogiamien (FR/CH/AT/NG)

Iyagbons Spiegel

The Iyagbons Spiegel [mirror] project began in Graz in 2018 with residencies and a workshop series. In a continuous exchange between the sculptor Samson Ogiamien and the performance group Onyrikon, it was developed further and will be premiered in this year’s festival. The performance plays with the numerous levels of meaning of artworks, which can be contemporary, traditional and ritualistic at the same time. Works of art that serve as a link between different cultures, belief systems and worlds. An exciting mirroring of cultures.


Direction, choreography and sculpture: Juri Cainero, Beatriz Navarro, Samson Ogiamien
Performers: Valentin Benoit Juri Cainero, Neda Cainero, Marco Chaigneau, Victor Coste, Beatriz Navarro, Estelle N‘Tsendé, Eva Poussel, Florent Thiollier, Alexia Vidal, Samuel Diouf
Traditional Edo chants and dances, Edo Cultural Art Forum: Amowie Austin John, Michael Imhansuomon, Desmond Osayande, Jeffrey Aghahuwa, Evans Eguagie Osazee, Lucky Uwagboe Sazee
External eye: Daniele Bianco
Music composition: Juri Cainero, Neda Cainero
Audio creation: Khadija von Zinnenburg Carroll, Valentin Van Lindenau
Scenography and stage objects: Lucia Soldati, Mauro Bessler, Ilaria d‘Agostino.
Lighting design: Chloélie Cholot-Louis, Camille Mauplot
Costumes: Melanie Kuhl
Logistic and administrative assistant: Stefanie Ogiamien
Special guest Audio play: Khadija Carroll

Dates and Information

The starting point of the trail will be announced when tickets are purchased. 
6.8. & 7.8. / 7:45 pm

Good shoes recommended!   

Recommended from age 12!                                                                                                                                           

Length: 120 min.

€ 20,- Regular Price / € 15,- Reduced Price

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A La Strada co-production.


Admission according to "3G rule". The 3G Rule refers to ‘Getestet, Geimpft, Genesen’ (Tested, Vaccinated, Recovered) and describes the three ways someone can provide evidence they are very unlikely to pass on Covid19.

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