Common Ground (BE/DE)

They stack boxes and bodies, support each other and together reach unexpected human heights. They crash, get back up, hide; Common Ground is contemporary circus par excellence, with all the elements we have loved since childhood, but without the garish, shrill patina. Here, people float on the trapeze, balance on poles and bodies, and dare to take huge jumps. With sensitivity they demonstrate that everlasting confrontation with the question of how much individuality and how much community we need and want - and why the whole is more than the sum of its parts.

Dates and Information

Main Square —> Stainz: 4.8. / 07:30 pm
Limited number of participants. Registration at

Landhaushof: 5.8., 6.8., 7.8. / 07:30 pm
Seat reservation required: pay as you wish (from 5 euros).                                   
Lenght: 75'

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