Liquid Loft (AT)

Stand-Alones (polyphony)

In continuation of the production "Foreign Tongues", co-produced with the Festival La Strada Graz and supported by the international network IN SITU, eight dancers from Liquid Loft, under the direction of Chris Haring, will artistically measure and work through various locations in Graz. Inspired by revolutionary arts of form, line and perspective, the utopian characters of Liquid Loft will emerge from an apparent vacuum in urban space.
In a time of distance, they poetically celebrate the physical and proximity. The body is both a linguistic organ and a self-determined place of retreat. 
Stand-Alones is a choreographic and musical composition of simultaneously perforated solos, which are synchronized with each other at certain moments and merged into a polyphony. Each individual production is based on its own musical, speech or sound composition. Conceived for the museum (Leopoldmuseum Vienna, Musée d'Art Moderne Paris), the "Stand-Alones" in Graz can be discovered - spontaneously and unannounced - during the La Strada period.

"When the senses are no longer able to cope
with the upheavals in the world,
even the self-evident is questionable,
unnatural, vulnerable."

Chris Haring

Your safety is important to us!
For this reason we give you the following orientation framework in which you can discover the artistic interaction.

Dates and Information
Around the Modern Art Museum: 24.7. / 6 pm to 9 pm
Around Jakominiplatz: 25.7. / 6 pm to 9 pm
City centre: 26.7. as part of the walk / 6 pm to 10 pm

© Chris Haring