Danae Theodoridou (BE/GR/AT)

What if…?

The Greek artist Danae Theodoridou has already been a guest in Graz in 2018 as part of the Artistic Acupuncture of the international network for the development of artistic creations in public space IN SITU. At the invitation of La Strada, she also dedicated her continuing residency at the end of 2019 to the theme of "Urban Renewal" with a focus on Graz Reininghaus. She conducted numerous interviews and discussions with artists, politicians, urban planners, real estate experts and asked questions about possible forms of living together in the "city of the future". Can we imagine a new social structure in the urban living space of the future? How can we help to shape the development of the neighbourhoods? What role do art and culture play in processes of urban renewal?

What if we just pretend that Graz Reininghaus is already bustling with life. There would be a village square and the Tennenmälzerei would become a cultural creative centre. Open to all. The first inhabitants of the new district, the neighbourhood, local artists, local initiatives. "What If ...?" stands for the temporary opening of the listed building of the Tennenmälzerei, according to the Greek artist and creative director Danae Theodoridou. For a few weeks with thematic focus weekends and plenty of space for projects or ideas that may still be looking for a very special place. And perhaps find it in a specially created "village", a temporary pavilion in the middle of the newly emerging district of Reininghaus.

An IN SITU co-production within the framework of Graz Culture Year 2020