Elli Papakonstantinou (GR)

Elli Papakonstantinou (GR)

The play celebrated its world premiere at the Festival of Regions 2019 under the direction of the internationally renowned theatre director Elli Papakonstantinou. The performance took place in front of the concentration camp memorial Mauthausen and is designed as a political and social statement about the effects of the rise of right-wing populism and right-wing radicalism in Europe. In the libretto, poems by the Greek writer and concentration camp survivor Iakovos Kambanellis enter into dialogue with The Kind Ones from the Greek tragedy Oresteia by the poet Aeschylus. The performance invites the audience to dine together as they are drawn into a web of different stories, in which the music of Blaine L. Reininger plays a leading role with an international cast and a local male choir.

A co-production of La Strada and the Festival der Regionen

Dates and information

Stadtpark (Passamtswiese, against the background of the former Gestapo headquarters in Paulustorgasse):
25.9., 26.9. / 6 pm

Length: 75'

Recommended from age 14

With thanks to Dr.in Andrea Strutz for the scientific advice.

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€ 14,- Regular price / € 10,- Reduced price

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