Emerging Art for Emerging Spaces – Art and Urban Planning


“IN SITU Focus” are European showcase events organized yearly to promote IN SITU artists. Each member of the platform presents a selection of emerging artistic creations in its region. Public events, media coverage and specific communication materials promote the IN SITU artists – over 150 European artists recognized for the quality and originality of their work and for opening up new audiences. (Taste the IN SITU experience!)

Emerging spaces
Emerging spaces are laboratories for artistic reflection designed to bring together programmers and emerging artists from across Europe. Nine days of seminar every year to discover the latest artistic trends, share and dream up new creations together, create connections and build shared expertise on current issues.

Ambassador missions
This action facilitates the mobility of our members, so that they can become ambassadors for IN SITU in Europe and beyond. As such, members represent the network and have the opportunity to identify and promote emerging artists.

IN SITU Focus in Graz:

"Emerging Art for Emerging Spaces - Art and Urban Planning"
La Strada Graz conveys its heartfelt thanks to all visitors, speakers and partners for taking part so actively and for the many contributions to discussion at the international symposium “Emerging Art for Emerging Spaces - Art and Urban Planning”. This event in Graz-Reininghaus took the range of issues surrounding the development, future and vision of a new city district as the basis for addressing the topic of “art and urban development” in a broader, international context. To learn more about the program of the Symposium that was held in April 2014, you can download the information folder here.

Tip: Dutch composers Rob van Rijswijk and Jeroen Strijbos have developed the “Walk With Me” app. This transforms a walk through the Reininghaus site into an acoustic journey with noises, music and passages of text. Buildings and memories come alive, the place recounts its tale(s).
Only for iOS. The app is available free from: www.apple.co/1drKubo.

© Nikola Milatovic

In the framework of IN SITU Platform. This project has received the support of the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union
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