Gardi Hutter (CH)

Die Schneiderin

Gardi Hutter is the award-winning queen of clowns, and Hanna - her alter ego - has also been through a lot. Among other things, as a laundress, cleaning lady, secretary and prompter, preceding her arrival now at the dressmaker’s table. Here, abysses open up in the sewing box that let Hanna operate with the very big scissors and sharp needles. The material from which the balls and stories are made includes malice, whoopsies, slips and an unexpected look at oneself - while the tailor’s dummies dance and the wheel of fate turns. A great piece of theatre by a great artist.

Dates Information: 

Orpheum Graz: 4.8., 5.8., 6.8. / 8:00 pm

Recommended from age 8!

Length: 70 min.

Category 1: € 32,- Regular Price / € 27,- Reduced Price 
Category 2: € 27,- Regular Price / € 22,- Reduced Price 
Category 3: € 22,- Regular Price / € 17,- Reduced Price 

Barrier-free access:
€ 12 Wheelchair users / € 8 accompanying persons 

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© Stephan Bundi
© Stephan Bundi