Gravity & Other Myths

The Pulse

Our pulse is the first thing we perceive, even before we are born. The rhythm of our heart beat is the metronome of our existence, often drowned out by the noise of everyday life. The 24 exceptional artists of "Gravity & Other Myths" will give the pulse the grand stage it deserves at the Opera Graz, alongside 36 choir singers from Barcelona, with masterfully choreographed acrobatics, sophisticated lighting effects, and driving music. A breathtaking ensemble of bodies and voices that, for the duration of a heartbeat, merge with the audience to become one organism, embodying the eternal cycle of growth, blooming and decay - the very essence of all things.

Termine und Informationen

Opera Graz:
28/7, 31/7, 1/8, 2023 / 7.30 pm
duration: 80' (without break)

Information: +43 316 26 97 89 /
Tickets: La Strada-Ticketshop /

A project supported by the Major Festivals Initiative of the Australian Government, Arts South Australia, the Australia Council for the Arts, the Adelaide Festival Centre and GWB Entertainment. "The Pulse" was awarded the "International Circus Award 2021" for best production in Adelaide.

Darcy Grant