Juri Cainero (Cie Onyrikon) & Samson Ogiamien (CH/FR/NG/AT)

The echo of Iyagbon / Das Echo von Iyagbon

In his project, Samson Ogiamien asks what the native Krampus, Nigerian masks and the devil dances in Sri Lanka have in common. This year, the Nigerian artist is exploring this theme in greater depth and, following a residency in his native country, is bringing spectacularly beautiful new masks to Graz. Where, together with Juri Cainero of the French body and mask theatre Onyrikon, he will give them their first performance as part of a residency before the premiere next year: With live music, drums and intensive rituals, a mirror game of cultures is staged between contemporary and ancient art forms, European museums and African rites, initiation rituals and border controls.

Pop-ups in the city centre on 29/8.

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