Eggenberger Stadtgeflüster

Cities change rapidly. Graz and the district of Eggenberg are no exception. How do people experience this process? What do they wish for, what do they fear? KUNSTLABOR Graz gives the voices of city dwellers a stage on which an imaginary city conversation becomes audible and a cartography of hybrid living environments becomes visible. In the Verbatim Theatre (“literal theatre”), recorded conversations with residents of Eggenberg - surfing the waves of city life - are staged, opening up different perspectives on transformation processes in urban space.

With: Edith Draxl, Andrea Fischer, Mo Harawe, Madeleine Lissy, Maryam Mohammadi, Wolfgang Rappel, Neda Sokolovska, Birgit Waltenberger, Joachim Hainzl

Dates and Information

Markthalle Eggenberg/Hofbauerplatz: 4.8., 5.8., 6.8., / 9:00 pm

Seat reservation required: pay as you wish (from 5 euros).

Length: 60 min.

In cooperation with La Strada


© KUNSTLABOR Graz, Maryam Mohammadi