Nimú (AT/ES)

Einfach weggehängt

The days pass very slowly in the cellar of the opera house. Costumes that have been gathering dust on the clothes rack for decades. Pepita Jimenez is the breathtaking, sparkling, bright and a little arrogant dress of a famous opera singer. Otto is the destroyed, broken, frayed and a little fancy suit of a clown. Both hang and hang and hang until one day ... Impressive, with a lot of humour and dance the Nimú Theatre tells about the fantastic life of the costumes. A play about trust, friendship, dreams and courage. A play about how fears can be overcome to land in the here and now. Recommended for children from 6 years on.

Dates and information

1.9. / 11 am

Leibnitz / Schloss Seggau:
1.9. / 5 pm

Stainz / Hauptplatz:
2.9. / 4 pm

Lesliehof / Joanneumsviertel:
3.9., 4.9.,5.9. / 11 am & 4 pm

Recommended from age 5

Length: 45'

The number of the audience in MURPARK, Die Besucheranzahl im MURPARK, Schloss Seggau and Stainz is limited.

Tickets in advance only!

Performances in Graz: € 7,- Regular price / € 5,- Reduced price

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