Pierre Sauvageot / Lieux Publics Cie (France)

> Harmonic Fields

Others conduct an orchestra. Pierre Sauvageot conducts the wind. This musician and composer who at one time staged the legendary “Babel.Platz.Symphonie” with more than 100 musicians on Freiheitsplatz square in Graz, has this time selected Graz people’s best- loved trip destination, constructing his “Harmonic Fields” on the summit of the Schöckl mountain. This unusual project features an enchanting mix of spectacular landscape art and auditory experience. Here Sauvageot combines wind harps and glockenspiels, singing bowls, drums, cellos, Balinese flutes and even a Klapotetz bird-scarer among hundreds of fascinating instruments in whose strings, tubes and membranes the wind explores its playground. Yet the sounds are not simply down to chance; Sauvageot ensures that there is an ingenious balance of sound and structure. “It’s important to me that there are not just strange noises circulating around here” he says. The musical experience with the spirits sent by Aeolus god of wind ultimately also arises as a result of visitors’ individual reactions as they pass through the installation. Indeed this performance by the wind sometimes ends with a delicate coda, sometimes with a triumphal whilst also somewhat dissonant finale – it’s entirely dependent on wind and weather. A magical installation that oscillates in the summit’s air currents.

With the support of the Oerol festival (Terschelling, NL), the SACEM and the IN SITU European network for creation in public space.


Sunday 29/07 till Sunday 05/08

(Official opening: 29/07 at 11am)

In each case 11am till 6pm on the Schöckl mountain (eastern summit - "Ostgipfel")

It is possible to visit set up and rehearsals on 28/07



5 min walking distance from cable car top station.
We recommend hiking shoes.
Free entry


Getting to Harmonic Fields
Take regional bus 250 to the cable car (Schöcklseilbahn):
Departs hourly from Jakominiplatz for “St. Radegund Seilbahn-Talstation”
Cable car prices: www.schoecklseilbahn.at