La Strada 2020. A festival in four movements.

1st movement / The Graz Vigil / 1st January to 31st December 2020

The year-round project of the La Strada festival, which was realised in the framework of Graz Kulturjahr 2020 with the artist Joanne Leighton on the Schlossberg, forms the bracket for all artistic activities in a very special festival year.

WLDN / Joanne Leighton (FR)
2nd movement / Art finds city / 24th July to 1st August 2020

Together with the Dutch sound artists Strijbos & Van Rijswijk and artistic personalities of the local music, dance and theatre scene - Günter Meinhart, Christian Muthspiel, Willi Dorner, Chris Haring/Liquid Loft, Christina Lederhaas, Johannes Schrettle, Eva Hofer/TiB - an installative-performative programme specially conceived for this festival period will be implemented, which will be unannouncedly traversing and measuring the entire city in time and place, creating, as is currently the case in many cities around the world, more space and new spaces in urban encounter zones. The artistic activities thus encounter people in the city, in the most diverse places. For Sunday evening, guided "walks" are also planned, which will take the public in small groups - like roped parties - through the city along the artistic activities. An adventure with many surprising moments. Furthermore, during this festival period there will be castings, workshops and rehearsals, which will be documented and accompanied online. Also the big stage production "Leviathan" in co-production with the Australian Circa Contemporary Circus will be developed together with the 18 local actresses. The premiere has to be postponed to La Strada 2021, but already in the second movement of La Strada 2020 the actors will prepare a performance in which the Graz Opera House will certainly already play a role.

Willi Dorner (AT)

Circa and Urban Art Projects (AU/AT)
Günter MEINHART and Grazerinnen und Grazer (AT)
workinglifebalance ltd. and TiB (AT)
Liquid Loft (AT)

Hiking through the streets of the city
Christian Muthspiel & Orjazztra Vienna (AT)
strijbos & van rijswijk (NL)

3rd movement / 28th August to 5th September 2020

La Strada invites you to a fine open-air theatre week with many performances and an appropriate audience - including some world premieres in co-production with local artists' groups and community art projects involving the local population.

Kitt Johnson X-act (DK/AT)

Cie La Migration (FR)
Nimú (AT/ES)
Ray Lee (GB)

Les Quat’fers en l’air (FR)
Danae Theodoridou (BE/GR/AT)
Lucas De Man Company New Heroes (BE/AT)

Theater Anna Rampe (DE)
Valentina Moar (AT/IT)
Alex Deutinger & Alexander Gottfarb (SE/AT)

Theater Zitadelle (DE)
Juri Cainero (Cie Onyrikon) & Samson Ogiamien (CH/FR/NG/AT)
Steinbauer & Dobrowsky mit Eddie Luis and his Jazz Passengers (AT)
Theater Zitadelle (DE)
Unplugged Outdoors
4th movement / What if …? in Graz Reininghaus / Autumn 2020

Together with the Greek artist Danae Theodoridou and within the framework of Graz Culture Year 2020, La Strada is organising 4 focus weekends in Graz Reininghaus from the first week of September until autumn - an integrative project that involves the participation of numerous artists and the local community.

Danae Theodoridou (BE/GR/AT)
Elli Papakonstantinou (GR)

> 2021

The following projects will be shown at La Strada 2021 due to the current conditions (international travel regulations, minimum distance at performances, etc.). But the work on the productions continues. For example, the castings and workshops with the 18 Austrian participants for the project "Leviathan" are already taking place in the 2nd movement of La Strada 2020, and a very special surprise awaits Graz at the end of the project!

Follow the Rabbit (AT)

Cie Dynamogène (FR)
Bêtes de foire (FR)

Cie Rhizome (FR)

Cie Les Zanimos (FR)
Cie Onyrikon & Samson Ogiamien (FR/AT)
Circa Contemporary Circus (AU)
Zygos Brass Band (FR)