Luis & Pedro Sartori do Vale (BR/FI)


Inspired by classical myths and characters like William Tell, Luis and Pedro Sartori do Vale get to grips with their symbolic weapon, the “bow and arrow”. During residence in Graz in 2015, these brothers from Brazil developed a production somewhere between comedy and tragedy, packed with risk, precision and concentration, surprise and fragility. This year they present the piece as a stage production
that fills an evening.

With the friendly assistance of Energie Grazenergie_graz_1c_pfade

DOIS-1-©-Andre-Baumecker_700x394© André Baumecker
DOIS-2-Andre-BAumecker© André Baumecker
DOIS-5-Sergio-Mendes© Sergio Mendes
© Nikola Milatovic
© Nikola Milatovic