The 7 Fingers (Canada)

> Sequence 8

Time and again there have been attempts to explore emotional states through art: through paintings, music and drama – and now also through acrobatics. For the first time, La Strada ventures collaboration with a group from overseas that has so far scarcely been heard of in Austria. Their latest production “Sequence 8” will only come into existence this spring, making forays into the ever so dark and yet exciting worlds of human emotional life. “The 7 Fingers” (Les 7 doigts de la main) from Montreal are certainly no strangers to the scene: delicately crafted characters, acrobatics brought to perfection and elaborate choreographies characterise the group’s work which, at international level, belongs to today’s most ingenious circus companies. They develop their highly acclaimed, new-circus-projects in Quebec and indeed offer a subtle alternative to the overwhelming spectacles of the entertainment industry. Besides physical virtuosity, it is above all a tale’s intensity, always leading deep down under shimmering surfaces, that matters to the 8 artists around Sebastien Soldevila and Shana Carroll. Perfect circus performance – ranging from tightrope walking, juggling and clown acts to weird acts with skateboards – serves the performers as an extraordinary means of transportation for rousing stories rich in thoughtfulness. Breathtakingly welldone and heartbreakingly emotional.

This show premieres in Lyon in June and is being presented for the first time in the German-speaking world.

Friday 27/07. till Friday 03/08 (except Monday 30/07)
at Opernhaus Graz, in each case 8pm


Categorie 1: € 48,- Regular Price / € 43,- Ö1 Club / Reduced
Categorie 2: € 42,- Regular Price / € 37,- Ö1 Club / Reduced
Categorie 3: € 36,- Regular Price / € 31,- Ö1 Club / Reduced
Categorie 4: € 26,- Regular Price / € 21,- Ö1 Club / Reduced
Categorie 5: € 18,- Regular Price / € 13,- Ö1 Club / Reduced


Wheelchair places:
€ 12,- wheelchair users / € 6,- accompanying persons


100 Min.
Indoor theater
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