Valentina Moar (AT/IT)

Lebendige Formen

The drawings, sketches and building plans by Hubert Hoffmann are the inspiration for a full-length dance piece by the Italian choreographer Valentina Moar, who lives in Graz. The works of the Styrian Bauhaus student and star architect have not only had a lasting impact on the cityscape of Graz, but are also full of lines of movement, which Moar develops and implements rhythmically as living forms. Multimedia artist Paolo Scoppola is responsible for a visual-interactive connection between dance, the architecture of Hubert Hoffmann and Bauhaus.

Dates and information

Lesliehof / Joanneumsviertel:
1.9. & 2.9. / 8.15 pm

Recommended from age 12

Length: 50' (without break)

Tickets in advance only!

€ 14,- Regular price / € 10,- Reduced

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