Workinglifebalance Ltd. and Theater im Bahnhof (AT)

Die Einsamkeit der Stadt

The performance spreads out an absurd scenery on a public square on the outskirts of Graz, combining elements of horror film, scientific lecture and choreography. While the audience listens through headphones to an acoustic exploration of isolation in urban spaces, two actors and workshop participants transform the place into the setting of a nightmare. There are many places in Graz that bear witness to a development that reduces public spaces in favour of traffic and turns the remaining areas into "non-places".

An IN SITU co-production within the framework of Graz Culture Year 2020

"Much of what has preoccupied us in our concept from the very beginning is on the one hand aggravating for many people, while on the other hand it has become an existentially threatening or even lustfully tense exceptional situation."

Johannes Schrettle, Christina Lederhaas, Eva Hofer

Dates and information

Main square Andritz:

28.7. -1.8. / 5 pm, 6 pm & 7 pm

Recommended from age 14

€ 7,- Regular price / € 5,- Reduced price