Kitt Johnson X-act (DK)


The Danish artist Kitt Johnson opens people's eyes to their own city, showing them places where they have spent years, decades or even their entire lives. Together with young up-and-coming artists (Juliane Spannring, Lisa Mc Guire and Katerina Cerna), the director of the Copenhagen-based Company X-act is putting together a guided tour of the Gries district in the context of several residencies and workshops, on which performative elements and artistic interventions will change the way people look at their own city. Quiet, emphatic and surprising.

Dates and information

29.8., 30.8., 31.8. / 3.30 pm & 4.30 pm

Details of the starting point will be stated on your ticket.

Recommended from age 12 / Length: 100'

Comfortable shoes recommended!

In cooperation with Seddwell Center Graz.

Tickets in advance only!
€ 7,- Regular price / € 5,- Reduced price

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