La Strada 2022 – Happiness is on the street

What is happiness? Where is it? And who has it? Is happiness contagious? Maybe it just means to be happy? Can it be learned and also unlearned? Or is happiness only based on a chemical reaction that can be induced artificially if necessary? These are questions that several artists in this year’s festival programme, in addition to the exceptional Dutch director Dries Verhoeven, are asking themselves. Questions that are directly linked to the moving themes of our time, with which the festival deals, in constant interaction with the environment and the people.

La Strada 2022 will open in its anniversary year with the world premiere of La Melodia della Strada. Christian Muthspiel has been commissioned to compose a delightful soundtrack for the festival for his 18-member ORJAZZTRA VIENNA. Sounds and music also play an important role in several co-productions with local artists. In addition, as a continuation of the Signal am Dachstein project, La Strada will present works by young Austrian artists in the context of “Humanity and Environment” in a dialogue with interventions by the Berlin-based media artist Marco Barotti, Lisa Horvath from Graz and the Viennese performance artist Alex Franz Zehetbauer.

And of course we could hardly fail to invite long-standing artistic companions of the festival with their new productions.

I look forward to happy and inspiring moments together with you.

On behalf of the entire La Strada team, sincerely

Werner Schrempf / Artistic Director