Zygos Brass Band (FR)


In the early morning hours of Mardi Gras, the Bones Band knocks on the door in the swampy towns and cities of Louisiana - so that no one forgets that the great spectacle is about to begin. At La Strada, the Zygos Brass Band thankfully takes over this task - and following them through the city streets is definitely a good idea. They take the people in the streets on a procession for all the senses - with their trumpets and drums, dances, sounds and rhythms, they make sure that no one misses the big party.

Dates and Information

Hauptplatz —> Stainz: 4.8. / 9 pm *
Inner city in motion: 4.8., 5.8., 6.8. 7.8.
MURPARK: 6.8.  
Length: 45 min.

* Limited number of participants. Registration at www.lastrada.at/zygos

© Cie Zygomat'Hic / Mathis Petiot
© Cie Zygomat'Hic / Mathis Petiot