Navaridas ° Deutinger ° Wolf

A Night Out | Bed & Breakfast in the Forest

Spain | Austria

The choreographers Martha Navaridas and Alex Deutinger have joined forces with the visual artist Bernhard Wolf to step out of everyday life - night after night - together with a group of people into the natural space of the "forest".

At "Bed & Breakfast in the Forest", six people at a time can leave civilisation behind and spend the night in the forest with the artists - a "time out" of special intensity and the prelude to a series of artistic works in rural Styrian regions that deal with questions and challenges in times of change.

Dates and information

Natural environment Kalkleiten/Stattegg: 28/7 – 5/8
each from 5 pm – 10 am the following day

Participation is possible from the age of 16. 
Contribution towards expenses for a shuttle transport from Graz and catering: 20,- Euro
Here you get to the registration

A coproduction with La Strada Graz

With the friendly assistance of: Merkur Versicherung


Konzept, Performance, Installationen: Marta Navaridas, Alex Deutinger, Bernhard Wolf 
Kostüme: Lisa Horvath
Produktionsleitung, Organisation: Sophie Schmeiser / mollusca productions 
Produktion: Performanceinitiative 22

La Strada

28. Juli - 5. August 2023

Opernring 12 / A-8010 Graz

Telefon: +43 316 26 97 89

INFORMATIONEN: +43 316 26 97 89


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