Johannes Bellinkx & Daan Brinkmann

The Parcel Project

Belgium / The Netherlands

Inside a postal package there is a discreet digital instrument that records audiovisual data from its surroundings. This package embarks on a journey around the world. The collected data provide the basis for an art installation. The world of packages encompasses a vast and expanding global landscape. Driven by algorithms, machines and human resources, this logistical system aims for the greatest possible efficiency. With the digitalization of shopping, products seem to be just a click away. Yet we have only limited insight into the world behind the click, remaining largely hidden.

Dates and information

Tummelplatz: daily from 29/7 to 5/8
10 am to 2 pm & 4 pm to 10 pm: Registration

For one visitor each / Recommended from age 12 

A La Strada coproduction within the framework of the EU network IN SITU.

La Strada

28. Juli - 5. August 2023

Opernring 12 / A-8010 Graz

Telefon: +43 316 26 97 89

INFORMATIONEN: +43 316 26 97 89


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