Always Drinking
Marching Band

La calle es nuestra


They conquer the hearts of the audience and the streets of the city with top-notch music and surreal gags. An encounter full of surprises with new and newly arranged things from the past. In the intoxicating concerts with full body commitment, the sounds and emotions of these full-blooded musicians merge with the audience. An encounter full of energetic pulses that might make you feel like you're in paradise. Everybody dances. The streets are ours.

Dates and information

Performances in GRAZ

Stadtstrand: 3/8 / 11 am

Margarete-Hoffer-Platz, GH Wildmoser: 3/8 / 7 pm

Augartenbucht: 4/8 / 11 am

Andritzer Hauptplatz: 4/8 / 7 pm

Karmeliterplatz: 5/8 / 11 am
Kaiserfeldgasse: 5/8 / from 7pm within the framework of Open Dance

Performance in STAINZ 

Hauptplatz: 2/8 / 9 pm

Length: 45' / For the whole family

The project is funded by the Acción Cultural Española and Embassy of Spain in Austria.

La Strada

26. Juli - 4. August 2024

Opernring 12 / A-8010 Graz

Telefon: +43 316 26 97 89

INFORMATIONEN: +43 316 26 97 89


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