Overture 6 - Glaciology

18 - 19 September 2021

During the overture, Lea Hartl revealed how the glaciers on the Dachstein have changed since the last ice age and provides insights into the glacier monitoring program on the Hallstätter glacier. Markus Jeschaunig talked about his many years of artistic involvement with the subject of ice. Among them an ice cellar experiment (2017), the ice melting apparatus "Anthroprint" (2020/21) or the Festival of the Regions project "Glaciers in Need" (2021). Along the trail, he unveiled a pictorial motif that reveals an artistic animation of the glacier's future. The overture was accompanied musically by alphorn players under the direction of Horst Martin Krammer at the Gosauseen and by Tradmotion (Ingeborg and Hermann Härtel) during the hike.

From the Gosau lakes to Adamekhütte (overnight stay),
round trip via the Gosau glacier und back again.

Accompanied by: Lea Hartl, glaciologist / Markus Jeschaunig, visual artist / Horst Martin Krammer und Alphorn players / Ingeborg & Hermann Härtel "Tradmotion", musicians

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